working at set of x

we are hiring owners

Joining the industry’s best set of people means having the industry’s best experience.

Every Set of X employee is hired as an owner on day one and the top-notch flexible benefits can’t be beat.


We are a set of the industry’s top technical talent that build essential, mission-critical solutions. Our high-caliber teams deliver unmatched engineering services to help the U.S. Government keep its promises to the American people.

But most importantly, we do all of this with confidence, expertise, and the knowledge that we treat our employees with generosity and respect.

We’ve been around a while and know that this approach just makes life better.

grow and bechallenged.

Working for Set of X means:

  • a wide variety of project assignments
  • a desire to align you with your professional goals and objectives
  • a clear path to skill development
  • meaningful and important work
  • a genuinely good group of people
  • shared company equity
julia buechler
Set of X is everyone’s company. Composed of diverse members – race, sex, age, disability, religion. As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, I feel supported and valued by everyone within the company, especially the founders. I feel comfortable bringing my true, authentic self to work every day.

– Julia Buechler

ownership +flexibility

Our pay is competitive and our benefits can match or beat the best of what’s out there. But beyond those benefits, when you join Set of X you join us as an owner in the company: we grant shares on your hire date and each year after.

So as the company grows, hires, and wins contracts, everyone benefits because everyone has been given a share of the company from the beginning, because we only hire owners.

And, by the way, if you want to join a fitness club or stream your favorite series–go ahead. We’ll pay for that too.

hugh hodson
Imagine working with and for friends you can trust, who always have your back. Someone you can count on to make business decisions big and small with your best interest in mind. People who are leaders in their fields and who have stellar reputations in this industry.

Ownership is not just another buzzword, it is a reality with Set of X. We are all in this together – the work, the play, the benefits, and the organization.

– Hugh Hodson

the best in show deserves the best benefits.

Flex Leave and Exchange Plan
Take up to 8 weeks off to establish a strong work-life balance. Don’t need that much time off? Sell back your time off for take-home pay and double its value!

Stock Plan
Enter the company as an equity owner and receive a yearly stock grant. Let’s build together – as owners.

Vanguard 401(k)
No personal investment required. Get the generous employer contribution in its entirety, and still maximize your take-home pay.

Medical Insurance
As an employee, you’re 100% covered. Don’t need insurance? We’ll put more in your take-home pay to cover the unclaimed benefit.

Dental & Vision Insurance
Top-end dental and vision coverage.

Life and AD&D Insurance
Generous coverage and we pay all the premiums.

Short-Term & Long-Term Disability Insurance
More Peace of Mind, at no expense to you. And all benefits are tax free.

Maternity/Paternity Leave
Extra leave when your family needs you most.

Profit-Sharing Cash Bonus
End-of-year cash goes to your bottom line.

Referral Bonus
Help us grow by bringing us the best and brightest. Add talent to the company, and we’ll add to your bottom line.

Training/Tuition Budget
Keep up with the state of the art – use our generous training/tuition stipend. Or use your budget to pay off a student loan. Either way, you benefit!

Technology Refresh
Need a new smartphone or computer? Great, go get one. Didn’t need it this year? We’ll pay it out as an end-of-year bonus. You benefit either way.

Virtual Office Compensation
Monthly payment for cell and internet service.

Corporate Branding
Like SWAG? We’ve got it, and it’s free to owner-employees.

Fringe Benefit Mall
Enjoy a ride with Uber, beer of the month club, Amazon Prime, Hello Fresh… Just pick the benefit that suits you best!

We think it’s a pretty good place to be.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our team has to say:

mary maier

Flexible benefits are one of the defining reasons I came to Set of X. My husband and I work in the same industry and the benefits are pretty standard company to company. Not needing to pay for something that I might have covered elsewhere is a sign the company understands individuals are important and have varying needs.

One of the more unique benefits offered is the ownership. Being a part owner leads me to feel more involved in the company and leads me to want to participate more in the company growth and image.

– Mary Maier

we build essential solutions with good people.

We put key talent in critical places and we do it with a strong sense of responsibility to the mission and a shared sense of belonging.